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For Now

by Kenny Foster

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    This is me doing my thing a couple of years ago... I wrote a lot of these songs when I first moved to Nashville. They cover a 4 or 5 year span where I was experimenting with folk and pop as a viable twain. Some love songs, some about growing up, some inspired by films... It runs the gamut.. Hope you enjoy...
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Brush your teeth, wash your face, Don't you stay up way too late Cause you've got to get up early in the morning Eat your peas, clean your plate Give some thanks for what you ate Cause other kids are starving in Japan In case you haven't noticed I've always kept you safe and sound Right from the day I made you Until you grew your wings to fly out of this sacred town That you call home Be safe on your drive home, Make sure to leave your cell-phone on, You've gotta give me a call when you're coming in Remember it's a crazy world you gotta Hold out for the right girl Look out for love, you can't miss it when it comes In Case You Haven't... I know my loving family's kept me grounded With strength and hope and love While I'm singin' all my songs you know they're the Closest thing to heaven that I'm ever gonna see You know, the kind of love that's been there all along In Case You Haven't...
Know You Do 02:56
Do you remember when we used to talk baby Of gettin’ out of this place I know you do, I know you do Do you remember all those things I said baby To put that smile on your face It stayed for days, I know you do You never know till you try it once baby Just let it roll of the tongue Three little words, I won’t peek now baby It looks like no one’s around Maybe just to hear the way it sounds I know you do How many times must you think a thing baby Before you know something’s true? You need a clue, I think you do Cause I’ve been wonderin’ when we’ll take that step baby Before you say how you feel Instead of something new, we could be something real I know you do You never know till you try it once baby… I know you do Cause it takes two to dance
Unwhole 03:21
This day’s been a mirror, Everything’s the same only backwards Took the carpool lane this morning To break me down and say, “I miss you” Cause I’ve been beaten by all my daily games And without you here it’s so much less the same Come and be here with me baby Come and make me feel at home Cause without you with me baby I’m completely unwhole This life is blowin’ by me, Just like a bullet train only faster Like alcohol can numb you know comfort does the same till it kills you Cause I’ve been beaten by all my old mistakes And lookin’ round here no one feels the same Every now and then I need you comin’ round to remind me Just what it is to know and feel, and live inside this thing that we call love I need rest from my own mind, but till then I'll bide my time Soon I'll have the one that knows me by my side..
Be 03:44
She can scream Louder than the voice of reason And never can escape the feeling that it’s all a waste of time And I agree, Although there are certain implications I don’t think the subtleties of third-world nations will affect her heart and mine She’s got this crazy idea that She’s not gonna remember how to breathe When all she’s gotta do is be She wants nothing left than perfect and I know she’s more than worth it It takes a lot to please a man like me But all she’s got to do is be In the park, She accidentally squished some flowers I had to calm her down for hours to let her know they’ll be alright And in the dark, She can be a big romantic That is until a foot or hand slips up and hits me in the eye Yeah, but that's alright cause Someone left her long ago He had no right to treat her so Unlovingly… It’s not occurred to her just yet Those expectations left unmet They’ve got nothing to do with me…
This heart of mine is hanging on the sleeve of my old jacket And it’s been there for as long as I could feel I know sometimes to leave it there’s to lose it But It's the only way I’ve come to find it’s real It’s been that way since I was young and able And it'll likely be this way until I die. It makes the call to love and lose a little, Till it's bleeding itself dry... Where’s yours? Tell me, where’s yours? You’ve got a heart, now show me what it’s for. And if you want to see me coming 'round here anymore Tell me where’s yours, tell me where’s yours. I know that you’ve been eyeing mine for months now You show all the signs that tell me just that much All the while you kept your heart in a museum Where I can look, but never touch.. I could never touch You live this life like everyone’s against you You plot and steal and then plan your escape I refuse to be one of your casualties And you’ll always miss the one that got away It’s one I’d let you borrow if I thought I’d get it back But I’ve seen enough of you to know a man like me can't plan for things like that Plan for things like that…
Wooden Boy 03:55
Love is something that you make Not something that you take And that’s bringing you to tears Love, like a drifter rollin’ on It’s here and then it’s gone And then lonesome’s got your years You say he’s the one for you But that’s not for you to choose Can’t wake him up and make him up Like just another one of your toys So set him free or let him be He just can’t be your wooden boy Wooden Boy Strings, you can tie them all around anything to hold him down You know that boy that's free to roam Wings, you can clip them all away Anything to make him stay And keep that man from finding home
Next Big Fix 02:41
You finally figured out, now, what you’ve been doing wrong You’ve been burnin’ up the nights, now, for too long You went to call all your friends but you’ve got none You’ve got to go and get it now before it’s all gone Anything is better than the next big fix for you. You're burning out doing everything you wanna do. You'd give it all just to feel something true. Anything is better than the next big fix. Baby doll with your low rise and new shoes Baby doll wants the cover of the late news Baby doll with your fresh painted tattoos Doin’ things with that body like there’s nothin’ to lose Out on the prowl just to use and be used
Stuck inside this melee You wanna throw it all away Just to see what you'd be If you could let yourself be free Don't let 'em kick you around Cause once you're up they wanna knock you down Darlin please, you're staring down the sun But you won't look away The weight of the world ain't just for one girl So let it go child The weight of the world ain't just on one girl So let it go child Sometimes you're going nowhere You're doin' all the things you think you've gotta say but Everybody's got their way with you But you can have your way with them


released August 6, 2008

Written by Kenton Foster
Produced by Vince Romanelli


all rights reserved



Kenny Foster Nashville, Tennessee

Writer, singer, philosopher, philanthropist. Kenny Foster has already seen some life, and hopes for a whole lot more of it. Listen to some of the tales he spins, and tell us if your head doesn't do the same. Think on it, and then play it again. It's even better the second time around. ... more

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