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Hometown EP

by Kenny Foster

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Hometown 04:46
I had a dusty box of trophies in the attic Till that attic took a trip to “kingdom come” I guess that storm had sent it flying back to high school And in the rubble said they'd only found the one. Mom said she never had the room to keep ‘em Said they always took up way too dang much space But when I saw her safe and sound, Dad and Sister by her side I’d have given her a trophy for that face. I can think of better things to put my hometown on the map Than to have it blown clear off it Sunday Night But if I know her like I know I do, She ain’t goin’ down without a fight. Here in my hometown It’s just like your hometown We’ve got sisters, we’ve got brothers, Memories of one another we hold dear Here in my hometown The one like your hometown Sure there might be a little less of it We might have a bigger mess of it But all we really need is all still here Here in our hometown I know each girl dreams of being princess To wear that dress and walk daddy down the aisle Instead they searched through what was left of their old kitchen And pulled that veil from underneath the pile Three stories made a heap upon their shoulders Must have felt like this whole world came crashing in But they took it step by step, found a Laundromat and then Made that dress all sparkling white again I can think of better things to put my hometown on the map Than to have it blown clear off it Sunday Night But if I know folks like I know folks in my town They’re gonna be alright Here in my hometown… Mother Nature ain’t around to answer questions But what she tore down, we’re building right back up When you’ve got everything to gain, Well then what’s a little rain Gonna do to folks that don’t know when to stop… Here in my hometown It’s just like your hometown We ain’t got a lot of things, but we’ve got memories that we hold dear Yeah here in my hometown… In our home town… credits
Try 04:38
I get the feeling I've been here before This world keeps on spinning like a revolving door It feels like I'm moving along, but I'm just going 'round Now that I'm dizzy all worn out from racing It feels like my heart was just put here for breaking I just want to slip out the back and not make a sound But you make me try You give me that one reason why You make me believe that behind all these clouds without lining there's blue in that sky When everything's wrong I'm tired and stumbling along And I swear that I don't have the wings to fly You make me try Sometimes when I'm on my knees I get the feeling I send up my prayers and they just hit the ceiling It's hard to believe all the angels can hear me at all A rock to the left, a hard place to the right of me Carrying the weight of this doubt that's inside And it's too much, it's too hard, these walls are too high to climb You make me try...
In That Rain 04:05
Summertime, your smile done bowled me over Those blue eyes set me free and I was green as I could be Dry July on a Mississippi back road We sure could use a breeze, so we just turned up the speed Blame it on my broke down Chevy, Blame it on the perfect spot Blame it on that crazy southern heat When those dark clouds came rolling, Our hearts were just unfolding They opened up, it all came pouring down It was you and me, we fell together laying in that field of heather We got washed away Running down to the bank of the river, we baptised that love forever In that rain Wintertime the service came a calling I headed overseas to my responsibilities A thousand times I ran that memory over How good it felt to be so innocent and free Could have been a springtime wedding, me on your front porch dancing April showers soaked down to the bone So put me in a cloud of lightning, far away from all this fighting I'll ride a raindrop all the way back home Victory, my war was finally over Those people came to see that confetti hit the streets Cougar Pride, a hometown hero's welcome I lived to see the day that it rained on my parade As the marching bands scattered, I looked for a face that mattered And through the grey your eyes came piercing blue And it was you and me together, A long way from that field of heather Still washed away Running down to the bank of the river, we baptized that love forever In that rain
Bravery 04:33
Nothing about me says I think I'm good enough You know I've got a heart with a leak, I try to fill it up I've been bleeding since the day I wandered This winding road through the time I've squandered And if I followed the trail, I know it'd lead me back to you I know it'd lead me back to you... I know intimately that you answer my cries with a call But when I'm fighting just to be heard I start to feeling so small And all the tear soaked stories of pain Run together, start to sounding the same But the shame is that it doesn't make any of them any less true Oh Bravery, Can you save me? I'm sick of saving myself It's turned me into something else Something I know, something under my control It gets me where I want to go Just tell them what they want to know (Tell then what they want to know. Maybe they'll leave you alone) Oh Bravery My dreams let me see the day that I die and it's cold My heart's beat broken and weary from living so bold As long as I can keep the spark alive Stoke the hope of everything that's burning inside I've seen the end and this just ain't how I go... Oh Bravery... credits


This is an EP about where we've been, and where we're going...


released October 25, 2011

Produced by Vince Romanelli (Track 1) and Paul Shearer (Tracks 2-4)

"Hometown" Written by Kenny Foster
"Try" Written by Kenny Foster and Tami Hinesh
"In That Rain" Written by Kenny Foster and Josh Matheny
"Bravery" Written by Kenny Foster


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Kenny Foster Nashville, Tennessee

Writer, singer, philosopher, philanthropist. Kenny Foster has already seen some life, and hopes for a whole lot more of it. Listen to some of the tales he spins, and tell us if your head doesn't do the same. Think on it, and then play it again. It's even better the second time around. ... more

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